2005 Winner: Lifetime Achievement in Hands-0n Science Writing

Bernie Zubrowski

Bernie Zubrowsky. Photo used with permission.

Bernie Zubrowsky. Photo used with permission.

Bernie Zubrowski has spent much of his professional life devising ways to educate young people about science, both while they're at school and when they are out in the world, away from the classroom. He has contributed to many of the Education Development Center's landmark science curricula, including Elementary Science Study and the African Primary Science Program, as well as Explore It! Science Investigations in Out-of-School Programs and Video Resources for In-Depth Investigations of Pond Organisms.

In his years with Boston's Children's Museum, Bernie designed exhibits that traveled to science centers across the United States. His 16 books—with titles like Siphons and Water Pumps and Blinkers and Buzzers—and 12 curriculum guides have influenced museum designers, educators, and parents throughout the world. He has received the Faraday Award from the National Science Teachers Association and was honored by the Massachusetts Cultural Council for his work as an interpretive scientist.

Bernie is perhaps best known for designing hands-on learning activities that engage young people in scientific explorations with very simple materials. Under his guidance, children have made houses out of drinking straws, tops out of paper plates, and cars powered by balloons; they have concocted cakes and ice creams and invented sodas; and they have played with mirrors, shadows, and waves.

Bernie continues to create and exhibit his kinetic sculptures.

Selected Works