Latest Scientist in the Field Series Title Published


The latest title in the Scientists in the Field Series comes out today, May 15. The Hyena Scientist focuses on the work of Kay Holekamp’s decades-long study of hyenas and was written by Sy Montgomery and photographed by Nic Bishop. This is the Sibert Award-winning pair's seventh book together.

Montgomery has twice won the AAAS/Subaru SB&F Prize for Excellence in Science Books (Temple Grandin and The Octopus Scientists) and has written 11 books in the Scientists in the Field series. Bishop has been the photographer for 11 Scientists in the Field books.

Kay [Holekamp]’s research on the spotted hyena is one of the longest continuously-running field studies of any mammal in the world. Kay has been at it for three decades—and her findings are clearing up the animal’s bad rep, revealing the spotted hyena as an unexpectedly brave, smart, and extremely social species.
— The Hyena Scientist, Sy Montgomery