Children's Science Picture Book Winners

This award is given to the book that in any given year best meets the following criteria:

  • The book is appropriate for children in grades K-4.

  • The book contains no serious errors or deficiencies in explanations of science content or processes.

  • Although written for young children, the book successfully examines important scientific concepts without perpetuating stereotypes or misconceptions.

  • The book has a clear purpose, is well-organized, and the scientific concepts are accurately presented.

  • In accordance with Project 2061’s Science for All Americans, the book must support the development in young people of positive attitudes toward learning science, mathematics and technology.

  • In accordance with Project 2061’s Nature of Science benchmark, the book should stimulate curiosity, and engage students in taking an interest in their environment and the workings of nature.

  • When fitting, the books shows that doing science engages men and women of all ages and backgrounds.

  • The illustrations engage the young reader and enhance the text.

  • The illustrations accurately depict the scientific concepts being examined.

  • The illustrations provide an alternate way for students to examine the concepts being discussed in the text.

  • The illustrations show boys and girls of different backgrounds involved in science.

One book will be chosen as the winner in this category, and both the author and illustrator will be honored.