Trash Revolution.jpg

2019 Finalist: Middle Grades Science Book

Trash Revolution: Breaking the Waste Cycle, by Erica Fyvie. (Illustrations by Bill Slavin.) Kids Can Press, 2018.

All the “stuff” that surrounds us has a life cycle: materials are harvested, the stuff is made and distributed, it's consumed, and then it gets trashed or recycled. Using the typical contents of a backpack (defined as water, food, clothing, paper, plastic, metals, and electronics), this book explores those stages in detail, including lots of ways to reduce, reuse, or recycle waste along the way. Children will gain new insight into the routine decisions they make about their own consuming and trashing or recycling practices. For example: How long does it take for a cotton T-shirt to decompose in a landfill? Can a bike helmet be made from recyclable materials? Which is better for Earth, wrapping a sandwich in aluminum foil or plastic?

By learning to use critical thinking skills to make informed choices, children will feel empowered by the important, constructive role they can play in the future health of the planet. With infographics, short subsections, sidebars, and charts, the information presented is engaging and accessible.